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Affordable Makeup Brush Sets Under Rs.500 In India

Hello everybody, hope you guys are doing well. Without any doubt, we all know that makeup brushes are essential to get flawless makeup. You have to use right kind of brushes to get a beautiful look. In this article, I have shown you 5 affordable makeup brush sets under Rs. 500. You can easily buy these brushes and use it. I do use these brushes for my daily makeup and YouTube videos. I have attached Amazon link if you want to buy right now. Check the brushes below

Last Modified on 2017-11-19
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Best Makeup Brush Kits under Rs. 500

Here are the 5 makeup brush kits you can use for your daily makeup.

1. Generic Foundation, Eye shadow Makeup Brush, Pink, Set of 10

Makeup Brush Set 1

Made by Generic popular brand, you can use this set of brushes for foundation, eye shadow makeup. It is a 10 set of brushes. You can use the big brushes to cover larger areas like foundation. Using smaller brushes you can highlight eyes even lips. These brushes are useful for foundation, blush, powder, bronzer, primer, eye shadow, concealer etc.

These brushes are made with high quality fiber hair and aluminum tube and wood handle. You can wash these brushes regularly. I am using these brushes every day for my YouTube videos.

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: Rs. 395

Buy at Amazon

2. Bare Essentials Makeup Brushes

Makeup brush set 2

If you want to highlight your face then you can use bare essential makeup brushes. This pack includes an eyebrow brush, blusher, powder brush, two lip brushes and two shadow brushes. You can easily highlight your eyes with the help of eyeshadow brush and make your lips bold with lip brushes. The all the brushes are very soft and rounded bristles. You can always keep this set in your purse for the instant look.

Ratings: 4.3/5

Price: Rs. 399

Buy at Amazon

3. Puna Store Makeup Brush Set with Storage Box, 12 Pieces

Makeup brush set 3

It is 12 pieces of professional makeup brush set. You will get a storage bag also and excellent quality. All brushes come with plastic wraps and are very soft hair. You can use it for your personal or studio use. Small portable and easy to carry in a purse. You can wash these brushes with a baby shampoo and warm water.

Ratings: 4.2/5

Price: Rs. 399

Buy at Amazon

4. Urban Decay Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set with Storage Box, Set of 12

Makeup brush set 4

Urban Decay cosmetic makeup brush set of 12 come with storage box. These brushes are different shapes and sizes and designed for variety makeup requirements. All brushes are high quality, soft bristles. It comes with a metal box and easy to carry in your purse. You can wash these brushes regularly.


Multipurpose brushes

Fine Bristles

Easy to carry

Include Metal box 

Portable set

Ratings: 4.5/5

Price: Rs. 235

Buy at Amazon

5. Vega Set of 6 Make up Brushes

Makeup brush set 5

These brushes are truly value for money. Using these soft bristles makeup application become easy. It is a set of 6 Vega makeup brushes made with natural hair. It includes blush brush, eye groomer brush, lip liner, lip filler, eye application sponge brush, and eye shadow brush. It is the best product for home users.

Ratings: 3.9/5

Price: Rs. 350

Buy at Amazon

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