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How To Make No Sew DIY Clutch Purse At Home

Hello friends, how do you feel today? I am Priyanka and welcome to learning ocean. I am glad that you come here to read my article. Today I wanted to share a very fun DIY that I made last weekend. I have made a no sew purse for myself without spending a lot of money. I thought it would be fun to make a no-sew clutch or purse out of old jeans. I had a vision in my mind and ended up making this beautiful clutch purse. I have also added some DIY flowers and lace to decorate the purse.

Last Modified on 2017-06-27
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Dreamy Priyanka

What is a Clutch Purse?

According to Wikitionary, A clutch purse is a small handbag without shoulder strap. It is designed to hold few accessories like a mobile phone, a shopping card etc. It is used by women. There are many types of clutches and today I will show one of them. It is easy to carry and stylish.


I really want to make my own No Sew Clutch Purse

I was about to throw away my old clothes in the trash. Then suddenly something triggered in my head. I stepped back. Took all my clothes and started doing something creative. It is really special for me to make.

Is it too expensive?

No way, this is too inexpensive. It costs me hardly $5. This should not run you more than $10. I already had in my home most of the items that I used for this project. And you can see it turned out so gorgeous.

Materials I have used

All the materials I have used with Affiliate Links for this clutch purse are given below -

You can easily buy the materials by clicking the above affiliate links directly.


Steps to make No sew DIY clutch purse

At first for the front part cut the jeans into a rectangular shape which measurement is 32 x 19 cm.

Now cut the cover of the notebook into a rectangular shape which measurement is 30 x 16 cm. And for the inner part cut the clothes poly bag into a rectangular shape as well which measurement is 28 x 14 cm.

Take your notebook cover and apply plentiful amount of white glue over this. Wait for few seconds. Now paste the clothes poly bag on it.


Fold this part. It's hard to explain how to fold. We are going to fold this into 4 sections. Now taking from the left fold twice each of 9 cm and then taking from the right fold 9cm and then 3cm. This is the base of the purse.


Now on the shorter side find the middle. Make two points on it. Make two small cuts on those points. Here we will attach the magnet.


Apply glue on the back of the base and paste the jeans on it. Fold left and right side with the help of strong glue.

Take a magnet with washer and attach with the base. Now right under the bottom you are going to decide where you want the magnet to go. Put a ruler over there and measure it. Put the other part of the snap there.


Now to secure the purse you are going to attach 2 small pieces of jeans (that you cut before) on the both sides of the purse.


I have made a card holder on the purse. To make this I have taken a plastic paper. Trace a card on it. Cut it out. Now cut jeans as well. Attach this two. Now paste this with the purse.


Now you can totally decorate this. I have used some black lace and some flowers which I have made earlier out of jeans.


Congratulations, you’re all done! 


More suggestions

You may add a Velcro tape instead of using magnetic snaps. For the decoration you can totally use some beads or studs or anything of your choice. You may also use some other fabric. Just remember one thing that whatever you want to create, make it simple and stylish. Don't forget to share your experiments with me.

My Experience

After making a DIY clutch, I wanted to make an another clutch purse. I was thinking that how the purse would be and which materials should I use for this project. After that I searched on Google and got some ideas from pinterest, tumblr and many more websites. Then I decided to make a new clutch from my old jeans and it should not be expensive. I started to collect all the materials and found those very easily. It took 1 hour to make. While making this purse, I recorded a video simultaneously to share with you. I really enjoyed making this.

My Words

Now recreate this DIY Clutch Purse at home. Share your experience with me. Click pictures and tag me. I would love to see that.

Leave your valuable comments in the comment section below. I will be really grateful.

I have also made a video and an article on How to Make Clutch Purse At Home. Check this out too.

I have created a video on this topic - Watch Now

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    Very creative and pretty! I will need to try it. Nice work
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    Finally found the perfect gift idea for my friend! I LOVE This idea
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    What a cute idea! I am loving it! Thank you!

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